Total Teaching - Academic support in English, Mathematics, Homework and Personal Goals for Years 1-8

Total Teaching

Academic support in English, Mathematics, Homework and Personal Goals for Years 1-8

Taught by teachers, not tutors

Qualified teachers leading formal lessons

Using best educational practices

Following a structured lesson plan

Using a progressive program to promote continuity and growth


Exceptional support with internationally experienced teachers

New Zealand Curriculum | International Baccalaureate | US Common Core | Reader's and Writer's Workshop



We provide a collaborative curriculum-based learning opportunity through small study groups under the guidance and supervision of experienced teachers.



Students will get regular feedback through formative assessments during lessons and written feedback on assigned homework tasks.



Your child will receive individualised learning and teaching based on a free comprehensive assessment with one of our experienced teachers.



After the completion of a full term you will receive a written report of your child's progress.

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The traditional lecture model of education, with its one-to-many instructional approach, is inadequate for students. We should instead be using a combination of teacher-led instruction, individual homework, and group study.

Farbood Nivi, founder of Grockit

Kent Watene

Our story

Total Teaching brings best practices from around the globe to offer an opportunity for your child to be a part of a new and exciting learning experience. We specialise in face to face small group teaching in English, Maths and personal learning goals for children in Years 1 to 8. We believe students learn best from qualified, professional teachers teaching in person.

The Total Teaching team would love to learn about your family and discuss how we can use our expertise to support your child in becoming the very best they can be.

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To find out more first complete this survey. We will then contact you to discuss how to best support your child. We will arrange a time to meet and conduct our free assessment and create a student learning profile.

Credit for Icons: collaborate by Aham Brahma from the Noun Project, Differentiate by Joy Thomas from the Noun Project, evaluation by Adrien Coquet from the Noun Project, Checklist by DC Icons from the Noun Project