Why you should be using the mini whiteboard everyday!

Mini whiteboards have been around forever. However in today’s technological age they get used less and less. In today's post you will find out reasons why they are still so valuable.

Student engagement and interaction

As teachers we love to think, peer, share. With a mini whiteboard we can take that one step further. Think, peer, record, share. This way you can monitor student conversations because they record ideas as well as support reluctant speakers by allowing them to show their understanding.

Pop quiz/questions

What are the factors of 20??? Get frustrated when DAVE keeps yelling out the answer, good one Dave. Have students record their answers on the mini whiteboard. They get time to think without one student blurting out the answers. It gives others thinking time and a chance to digest the questions.


Students can brainstorm in the lesson while working with the teacher. The mini whiteboard is a safe tool that students can use to express their ideas without constraints of book expectations. They are also more likely to be creative by drawing, using mind bubbles, practicing problems or just writing.

Story building

Using a mini whiteboard you can have a student write a word or a sentence then pass it on. Students love this activity and often enjoy it as a word game spoken out loud. Writing it on the mini whiteboard can allow extra time for students to gather their thoughts and put down ideas while they process.

Handwriting/Letter formation

A mini whiteboard is a low risk high reward way to practice the skill of handwriting. A marker size encourages students to hold the pen correctly. Students can easily practice a modelled piece. When using a mini whiteboard they can make self assessments about letter size, spacing etc and will often change and correct their work sharing their best piece.


There are a ton of games that are fun and easy to do with a mini whiteboard.



Tic Tac Toe/Noughts and Crosses


Whiteboard Scrabble

Dots and boxes