Reading and Writing lessons


What does a reading and writing lesson look like?

Our literacy lessons range from the building blocks of literacy such as letter recognition all the way to advanced reading and writing skills. We plan individualised lessons to cater to your child's needs and meet them where they are at.

We love to read and study books! At Total Teaching we use mentor texts that students love and enjoy that will help them develop critical thinking and analytical skills to make them effective readers.

“Analyzing a text involves breaking down its ideas and structure to understand it better, think critically about it, and draw conclusions”

Using hands-on activities, pictures, songs and even actions can help young children learn about the alphabet and the letter sounds.

This magnet letter activity is a concrete way for beginning readers to learn how to blend letter sounds together to make words.

At Total Teaching we believe games are an engaging way to reinforce and consolidate new concepts. Students enjoy fun activities such as this Contraction Matching Game to practice new skills learnt in our literacy lessons.

Helping Your Early Reader at Home

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