Problem Solving Series: Shopping

Challenge yourself to a problem solving task!

In this series one of our teachers works through a problem solving task showing you how they would solve it and common misconceptions students have when solving it. Try solving the problem on your own first before watching the solutions in the video.


This week's problem is The Escape from NZ Maths

Can you help Georgia, Aria, and Oliver with their shopping?

Watch the full video of how we work through this Shopping problem. We focused on Georgia’s problem to look at decimals and place value. Watch at your own pace and pause when you need to. Did you use the same strategies or do something different?

This week we asked Year 5 and 6 students to attempt the problem. From this we can see some common mistakes many students make when working with decimals.

Looking at Georgia's problem, we are trying to solve 5 - 1.10. An answer that popped up a lot was 4.90. How we tackle this misconception is to break up 5 dollars into dollar and 10 cent chunks.

We hope you enjoyed working through this problem with us this week. Follow along with this series to find more problem solving tasks to challenge yourself and practice your maths skills.