Many people across the world celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd every year. This is a day for us to raise awareness about environmental issues. It is a great day to talk to your kids about the environment and what they can do to protect the earth in their own way each day. We have collected a handful of activities that you can do at home with you children for Earth Day or any day of the year.

Read a Book

Reading a book is a great way to introduce your kid to environmental issues and taking care of the planet. Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax is a classic tale about the environment and trees. Written in his typical rhyming verses, Dr. Seuss tells the story of the Lorax who speaks for the trees and stands up to the Once-ler who tries to destroy the environment. The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein is another classic about one boy’s relationship with a tree. We can all learn that we have lots to appreciate in nature.

Go on a Walk

Go for a nature walk to look at nature in your own neighbourhood. To make this a fun activity, create a list before you leave and go on a nature scavenger hunt! Here are some ideas you may want to include on your scavenger hunt: a cool rock, 3 different birds, something blue, a flower. There are so many things you can find outside!

Make Art with Nature

Take the kids outside and let them show their creativity with natural materials. There are many natural items you can find lying on the ground to make beautiful pictures with - think rocks, leaves, seeds, flowers. For younger kids you can also have them practise math skills by making different patterns.

Make a Bird Feeder

Learning about the environment around us and growing an appreciation for the environment is a great start. Kids can also be empowered to care for the environment. One way they can do this right in your own backyard is by making a bird feeder. This way they can see their impact each time a bird visits their feeder. There are tons of ways to create bird feeders with recycled materials! Check out this video for instructions for 3 DIY bird feeders. I’ve made all 3 with my class and can say they were fun and easy for all of us.

Neighbourhood Clean Up

Pull on some gloves, grab a trash bag and get ready to clean! Take a walk around your neighbourhood or go to a nearby park and pick up any garbage you see along the way.