Why choose PR1ME Mathematics?

Here at Total Teaching we are currently building our knowledge of Mathematic education through the lens of a Growth Mindset. Within the New Zealand education system schools use various programs to deliver the New Zealand curriculum and we believe it is important to have a well-balanced view on programs being offered. We are excited to have a guest blogger sharing her experiences with PR1ME Mathematics.

Why choose PR1ME Mathematics?

It’s mathematics as you remember it!

PR1ME Mathematics is a well structured programme that incorporates the best practices used by top performing countries in international studies such as Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea. Research suggests that students in the primary years require a logical structure for learning that gives them the ability to do, understand and learn math with confidence. They need repeated practice to embed the learning of processes using consistent approaches and methods as well as gradually building on what they have previously learned. PR1ME does all this.

So, what is PR1ME?

PR1ME Mathematics incorporates and covers five strands of maths across six year levels. These are: Numbers and Operations, Measurement, Geometry, Data Analysis and Algebra.

The teaching model used by PR1ME Mathematics ensures effective teaching and learning for your child, allowing your child’s teacher to constantly monitor their mathematical reasoning and adjust the teaching to suit their needs. Which means, valuable and immediate feedback on whether they have mastered the concept, and addresses misconceptions and errors quickly. PR1ME Mathematics explores problem solving not only as a goal of learning math but also as a major tool of doing so. It teaches both aspects of problem solving- the method and the process and is proven to be effective in developing conceptual mastery and procedural fluency.

My thoughts?

Using PR1ME Mathematics, for over a year now, I have seen consistent improvement in my students capabilities. The structure of the programme is clearly sequenced so that new concepts are regularly revisited, reinforced and built upon to enable my students to confidently move to the next step of complexity in the concept or skill being learned. The Learning gives them the ability to do, understand and learn maths with confidence.

Jessica Matiaha joins us as a guest writer to share her thoughts about PR1ME mathematics. She is currently teaching year 4 at Whenupai school in Auckland. Having used PR1ME Mathematics in her classroom for the past year, she has graciously offered to share her experiences and reflections with us.