Why tutoring?

How can Total Teaching’s academic support help your child?

The first image that may come to mind when you think of tutoring is one on one academic support to help struggling students “catch up.” You may be picturing a tutor working with a student to help them complete their homework or prepare for an upcoming test. These images might be true for many students who have been tutored, but we believe that tutoring can be so much more. Academic support outside of school does not have to be reserved for students who need extra help. There are many students who would benefit from academic support to extend and enrich their learning.

We at Total Teaching believe that tutoring is for students of all levels and abilities. We look at each student individually to assess their strengths and needs and map out next steps for their learning journey. As a team of teachers, we see ourselves as lifelong learners and encourage our students to do the same. We challenge you to shift your mindset - instead of saying “I’m so smart”, say “I work really hard.” Instead of “I’m good at this”, ask “what more can I learn?”

So, why would you sign your child up for tutoring or extra academic support? This depends on where your child is in their educational journey. There are many factors to consider when choosing to find a tutor for your child. Knowing what outcome you’re looking for is a good place to start.

Individualized Learning

Your child will receive individualized attention from the teacher working with them in a way you can’t always get in a classroom setting. The teacher will meet with you as a family to learn about your child and plan customized learning goals. Each lesson is planned with your child’s unique abilities and needs in mind.

Collaborative Learning

Learning in a small group allows each child to receive the support they need from the teacher while also collaborating with their peers. Working with others helps students to grow ideas together and learn from each other. They are engaged in their learning through discussion and small group activities.

Attitude towards learning

With a teacher who is focused on your child’s individual needs and a personalized learning plan, your child will feel encouraged to learn. They will be learning to challenge themselves in their academics and extend their learning.

Challenges those who need it

Even children who excel in school and may not be the typical tutoring student you pictured at the beginning of this article have a lot to gain from tutoring. This can be a time for academic enrichment. In tutoring, children can get individual attention that allows them to explore their own interests while pushing their abilities and expanding their knowledge. Some students who are unchallenged in school can grow bored with learning, academic enrichment gives them the opportunity to be challenged in ways that bring enjoyment back to learning.

Every child has room to grow and learn. Tutoring gives them the opportunity to do so with individual attention so their needs are met. Once you’ve thought about whether tutoring is right for your child, you may want to consider what to look for in a tutor. As you look into various academies and programs you may wonder what are the advantages of small-group instruction vs one-on-one instruction. Look out for our upcoming blog posts answering these questions and more!