A Week of Children's Books: Books from Billie

We are celebrating reading this week so we are sharing with you one children's book a day for a week. These books have all been chosen by one of our youngest members of the Total Teaching team, Billie. Billie is 4 years old, and loves to read, draw, paint and play. Over the week she is going to share her favourite books with you all.

Oh the Places You’ll Go


This book is an absolute family favourite about what life can bring. Billie’s thoughts: “I like it when he won’t eat green eggs and ham on the train.” (Clearly the wrong Dr. Seuss book)

Maui and Other Maori Legends


We have recently purchased this book set after Billie found a love for the Maui stories at kindy. Billie’s favourite is ‘How Maui Slowed the Sun’ while mine has always been ‘The Fish of Maui’

The Book With No Pictures


This is a fun lighthearted story that all young children love. Billie's thoughts: "BOOBOOBUTT!"

The Day the Crayons Quit


Such a fun book about the tough life of a crayon. Also helped us to get Billie to be a little more responsible. Billie's thoughts: "It is about crayons drawing and the orange and yellow crayons are sad and angry."

Not A Box


This silly book inspires kids to use their imagination. Billie’s thoughts: “I like the fire hose on the house, I like the robot, I like how it finishes in a rocket.”

Press Here


Can you follow instructions? Well let's find out! Billie’s thoughts: “You have to touch the dots and shake the book. They get really big and messy and then they’re bigger and bigger and bigger!”

The Tiger Who Came to Tea


The story tells the story of Sophie and her unexpected guest that comes to tea. Billie’s thoughts: “It is funny when the tiger drinks all the tea and the water and daddy’s beers.”