Tutoring Programs - Reading, Writing, Maths, Personal Goals
Reading and Writing lessons

Reading and Writing

Maths lessons


Connect, engage, model

We will begin with a shard text such as a book, poem or article. We will engage in activities focusing on oracy through listening, speaking and presenting. Students will have individualized tasks based on their needs and goals.


We will focus on students understanding of number. We will begin with number knowledge, followed by number strategies to best solve problems and finish with real world application of knowledge and strategies.

Guided Practice

Students will practise target skills and strategies with teacher assistance.

Reading lessons will focus on skills such as decoding, fluency, phonemic and phonological awareness, inferencing, etc.

This will be followed by an individualized writing tasks which may be a summary, written response to the text, or recount. This will focus on sentence structure, craft, voice, genre knowledge, grammar & spelling.

Algebraic thinking

Through the application of number knowledge and strategies we will cover algebraic thinking at an appropriate level.


At the end of each session we will reflect on the success criteria of the lesson and make goals for homework and follow up sessions.


We will address strands such as geometry, measurement, data handling, etc according to students' individual learning plans and goals.

Lessons for homework and personal goals

Personal goals

We also offer the opportunity to work with the family to create learning plans in a range of other areas. We can create action plans to offer support for students within the areas of language and mathematics, such as fine motor skills, time management, responsibility etc.
We can also create an independent program to address specific curriculum areas such as science, support with homework assignments or create areas for learning with the family.