The Total Teaching Advantage

Alarmed by the news of NZ's declining results in Maths?

Or are you concerned about the growing trend that kiwi kids just don’t like reading?

Or just worried about the issues facing our education system as a whole?

Total Teaching is here to help.

First of all - in a hurry, getting the kids in the car, the bath or to bed and you don’t have time to read all of this? Click here and one of our teachers will reach out soon.

Now, for the slow and measured approach - It is not all doom and gloom. We believe that our teaching is here for all students. Every student benefits from additional support, whether that is a push for students with a love of learning or a boost for students that need help to meet expectations at their year level.

Our primary goal is to give families peace of mind to feel successful that they’re doing the best they can to give their child every chance to find success in their schooling. For our students, we build self-confidence and a belief that they are capable learners, and we equip them to be successful in their future.

We here at Total Teaching have a very clear plan on how to support your child. We begin by coming to your home or any other safe comfortable environment that your child is familiar with for an interview with you as a family. We discuss your family's goals and hopes for your child and we conduct our obligation-free assessment. We are confident that in our obligation-free assessment we will identify a clear learning journey for your child and your family.

From there we map out an individualised plan for your child based on what their next steps are and what the goals of your family are. We also can include any work from school that you would like additional support with. This is the Total Teaching advantage. We build the learning as a community to best support the child and the family.

As we speak, more and more students are joining our team. We are available all over Auckland however we only have a few slots available in some areas. We want to support as many students as possible, so get in as soon as possible so we can find a place for you.